Mail Server Management

Why Exim ?

Exim outstanding feature is the intention that it be a general-purpose SMTP server. Exim is not a total rethink of how working-mail, and qmail are. It also does not limit the functionality to provide theoretical security, as Postfix. Exim instead tries to give people what they asked for, with of course a strong interest in security, reliability and performance.
Exim is used at many very high-volume providers where it provides good service, so performance comparisons saying qmail and Postfix faster and better handle the queue don't necessarily have any bearing on real-world conditions.

Why Dovecot ?

Why did we choose Dovecot? It's fast, stable, secure and a breeze to configure.

Why PHP and MySQL ?

- Cost
- Ease of Use
- Cross-platform compatibility
- Stability
- Speed
- Open source licensing
- Many extensions
- Popularity